Pros and Cons To owning a Rental in Tennessee

For nearly all Tennessee home buyers, the opportunity to own rental property has probably entered into your mind at some point. Having an additional piece of property to rent out and make money for you can be a really appealing option to many residents. 

For those in the Johnson City area, there are ample opportunities to own rental property that make it very tempting. However, you should seriously consider your options and investments before pulling the trigger on any rental agreements. To help guide your decision, we will look at some of the major pros and cons to help you weigh your options for owning rental property. 

The Pros 

Passive Income 

One of the most compelling reasons that gets people invested in renting property is the idea of passive income. What this is can be described as a property generating money for you without you needing to do any direct work. While you need to initially invest and keep a property running, you can easily generate a solid stream of income from renters. There are many cases where having someone rent your property for long enough can pay off the cost of owning the property. 

Tax Benefits 

A hidden benefit from renting property in Tennessee is the opportunity for tax benefits. Unlike a normal property, renting a property can allow you to see some tax savings. These tax benefits are deducted as a result of things like repairs, operating expenses, and other rental factors. These savings may seem small, but they can quickly add up to immense savings on keeping a property running smoothly.

The Cons


If you are someone who struggles with responsibility, renting property may not be for you. Because it all lies on you to keep the rental facility up to code and running smoothly, you can face serious legal ramifications if things go wrong. If a renter is injured because of something that goes wrong with your property, you can expect to see some legal issues that nobody wants to deal with.

Renting comes with a decent amount of responsibility that you need to possess if you are looking to rent out property. It is beneficial for you as a renter to keep a detailed list of things that need to be taken care of with the property as nobody else will do it for you. 

Lots of Work 

Similar to the responsibility you face, there is substantial work that goes into renting property out. Essential maintenance, substantial liability, and many other factors add to your already existing list of home worries. You may have to make multiple visits to the property to make sure no issues are present. 

Key Takeaways 

If you are ready to take on the challenges and rewards of renting out your house, you can potentially see many benefits. However, if you don’t feel up to the challenge, Elevation Property Group is helping property owners by offering them cash payment for a large number of homes. 

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