How Tennessee HomeOwners Are Dealing With Tenants Who Don’t Pay Rent

Tenants can be a great way to get your property creating income for you when you are not using it. However, not every tenant can be a dream to work with for your property. To help you understand some of the best ways to deal with tenants who are not paying rent, we will look at some ways to deal with tricky tenants. 

Elevation Property Group looks to homeowners in Johnson City when it comes to selling a house quickly in Tennessee so that homeowners no longer need to deal with the frustration of tenants not paying rent. 

Dealing with pesky tenants

Pesky tenants can range from using too much water to not paying their rent. Regardless of how they are acting, dealing with pesky tenants can be a whole ordeal. You want to come at the situation with a calm and collected mindset that allows you to act rationally and with a clear goal in mind to get what you are owed. Thankfully, many Tennessee homeowners have learned from past experiences that could apply to your situation. 

Ways to resolve the problem 

Reach out and communicate 

The first step with any dispute with your tenants should always be to reach out and start a conversation. While it is unfair to you that they are not paying their rent, you still want a full picture of what is going on. For all you know, they could be facing serious struggles that you wouldn’t know of if you don’t ask. If you reach out and find that they are not upholding their end of the agreement, you can at least realize what is going on and how to take things going forward. 

Sell the property

 If the tenants are not paying their rent and you need the money, selling the property can be an option. Elevation Property Group offers cash for homes in Tennessee, and they can help get you money when tenants are not doing their job. You need to inform the tenants that you are planning to sell the property, but they cannot do much to interfere with the sale if they are not paying their due rent. As another bonus, you will get much more from selling the property than you would by having someone live there who is not paying their fees. 

Evict the tenants

If you want to rent the home to another set of tenants, you can use eviction to get out non-paying tenants. Eviction is essentially just kicking out people you no longer wish to live in your home. While this process can take some time to fully get taken care of, it is an option if you want the people out of your property.


No matter how you look at it, getting rid of tenants who aren’t paying their bills will be a weight off your shoulder. At Elevation Property Group, we can help you by offering cash for your home so that you can finally get some cash in hand. 

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